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Qantas Lift

Visiting the QANTAS Founders Museum in Longreach…ever seen a Harley on the wing of a plane?

After a dusty trip back from Birdsville with the many other adventurous trekkers we found ourselves back in Windorah and talking to Warwick and Lyn Tainton who encouraged us to introduce ourselves at the QANTAS Founders Outback Museum Longreach. So we did.

The Museum’s CEO Tony Martin was exceptionally welcoming and quickly organised for us to set up at the Museum for a week enabling us to introduce ourselves to tourists from all over Australia.

Tony, always keen for a challenge and a bit of fun, secured the assistance of Rayner’s Crane Hire and two photographers with ABC ties, David Freeman and Gemma Deavin for a morning of fun and photo opportunities.

If well travelled tourists can have their photo taken standing on the wing of a 747, why not Hippo’s well travelled bike?

Who would’ve thought….Hippo’s Harley Goes Flying