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David Freeman – ABC Open

Hippo – Charity Fund Raiser from David Freeman on Vimeo.
Along the Queensland ride we met up with David Freeman, video producer for ABC Open. He shares our story.

Below you can see the pics from our photoshoot by David Freeman

  • Qantas Bike Lift

David and Meredith Freeman – Longreach


After a referral from a fellow traveller we walked into Outback Qld Internet and were welcomed by Meredith Freeman. My Ipad had decided to switch off and I was hoping for a positive outcome.

The 3 weeks we were fortunate enough to spend with this couple was nothing but positive.

David and Meredith made sure that our equipment was operating at it’s full potential by providing maintenance and product assistance and they quickly donated $200 to the cause.

There is a collection box on the counter at Outback Qld internet and many walk ins looking for advice or free info tend to drop some appreciation money in, adding to Meredith and David’s ongoing support.

David introduced himself as a ‘hobby’ photographer but he quickly proved to be a guy that was not only passionate about his photography but was creative and quick to give different ideas, angles and styles a go. This is evident in his still photos, interviews and of course his YouTube video Hippo’s Harley Goes Flying.

David quickly submitted his work to various sites including ABC Open and YouTube, and continues to enter his work into shows. While he is receiving praise and award nominations for his work he is raising awareness for ours.

David and Meredith, we can’t thank you enough.