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About Hippo

hippo1Ron ‘HIPPO’ Hippisley had a successful concrete business in Brisbane when his wife Marlene was diagnosed with Cancer. With only 13 weeks from diagnosis to losing his dear love in 2008, much of this time was spent in hospital. The couple witnessed many other Cancer patients experiencing the difficulties of treatment.


The cost of medical treatment is great enough, but Hippo particularly noticed that many people had to travel a great distance for treatment. The lucky ones could afford to have a family member supporting them. Others had to battle it out alone. In his mind there was and is a glaring need…to provide accommodation for adult Cancer patients and their families that have to travel for treatment.


With a lifetime of building industry knowledge, Hippo realised this was an area in which he could assist with. Hippo made Marlene a promise to do whatever he could to ease their burden. Hippo’s Charity Foundation is the first step in keeping that promise.